Chester Creek

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Description: Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail parallels Chester Creek from Westchester Lagoon 4 miles Southeast to Goose Lake. This tour starts at Westchester Lagoon and ends at Goose Lake. The trail is marked by mileposts every 1/2 mile, beginning at Westchester Lagoon, increasing as you travel Southeast. The trail is illuminated by street lamps at night. The trail has a few minor grades; however, it is well suited to the novice user. Chester Creek flows Northwest so traveling Southeast is generally more strenuous.

Connections: Campbell Creek Trail is accessible via a Trail Connection. Turn left past Northern Lights Blvd Bridge. Campbell Creek Trail is 2 1/4 miles away. The trail adjacent to the East Shore of Goose Lake leads to University of Alaska, Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University.

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Chester Creek Trail Improvements/Detours Project Status Updates

Project Wrap-Up and Precautions ADN Article



Scenic Views of the Chugach Mountains


Moose, Small Mammals, Ducks, Birds & Fish


Fishing Regulations Alaska Department of Fish & Game


Numerous Bridges & Underpasses


Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park/Westchester Lagoon, Valley of the Moon Park, Chester Creek Sports Complex, Woodside Park, Eastchester Park/Hillstrand Pond, Davenport Softball Fields & Goose Lake Park


Paved Trail, Minor Grades, Marked by Mileposts