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Description: Lanie Fleischer Chester Creek Trail parallels Chester Creek from Westchester Lagoon 4 miles Southeast to Goose Lake. This tour starts at Westchester Lagoon and ends at Goose Lake. The trail is marked by mileposts every 1/2 mile, beginning at Westchester Lagoon, increasing as you travel Southeast. The trail is illuminated by street lamps at night. The trail has a few minor grades; however, it is well suited to the novice user. Chester Creek flows Northwest so traveling Southeast is generally more strenuous.

Connections: Campbell Creek Trail is accessible via a Trail Connection. Turn left past Northern Lights Blvd Bridge. Campbell Creek Trail is 2 1/4 miles away. The trail adjacent to the East Shore of Goose Lake leads to University of Alaska, Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University.

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Chester Creek Trail Detours as Construction Resumes ADN Article

Chester Creek Trail Detour Map

Chester Creek Trail Improvements Municipality Page



Scenic Views of the Chugach Mountains


Moose, Small Mammals, Ducks, Birds & Fish


Fishing Regulations Alaska Department of Fish & Game


Numerous Bridges & Underpasses


Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park/Westchester Lagoon, Valley of the Moon Park, Chester Creek Sports Complex, Woodside Park, Eastchester Park/Hillstrand Pond, Davenport Softball Fields & Goose Lake Park


Paved Trail, Minor Grades, Marked by Mileposts